[Saiting 800] Looking for documentation

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[Saiting 800] Looking for documentation

Beitrag von apc005 » 24. Mär 2016 19:52


First I do apologize about posting here in english but, as most french people, I was not a good student in foreign languages and even if I was supposed to study your language in school, I confess I only remembers 2 or 3 words, no more.

I am a (proud) owner of a ST800F buggy (the version imported by the former ALP-Import french Company). Unfortunately this company has disapeared and I'm alone with my buggy without any manual.

This year, for the first time I have to check it and set it up after winter and am looking for any kind of documentation, even for the 650cc version wich is not so different from the 800 one.

So thanks in advance if any of you could help me with links or pdfs or any kind of help to keep my "monster" in good condition.

Happy buggying everyone and drive carrefuly (but as fast as permited ;-))